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As the #1 SAP Recruitment Specialist in the region, Morgan Campbell have many points of difference to a generalist recruiter. Contact us and see if you can “Spot The Difference”.

There is a clear reason why you should choose an SAP Specialist Recruitment Partner for your next role. There are specific things that Morgan Campbell can offer, that a non-SAP specialist simply can’t.

  1. SAP SPECIALIZATION: We live and breathe SAP – and speak to SAP Professionals every day of the week. When you call Morgan Campbell, you are speaking to SAP specialist recruiters.
  2. SAP Network: Being SAP Specialists means that we have an enviable network of SAP Professionals from across the globe. Our SAP network is our greatest asset.
  3. Knowledge of SAP Terminology: There are many SAP acronyms. SCM, SRM, SEM, CRM, HCM, MM, MDM. The list is never ending, and SAP Acronyms are constantly changing! At Morgan Campbell, we are expected to understand and navigate through all modules and all skills and to understand the difference between an IS-U and IS-R professional.
  4. SAP Clients: Our clients are either SAP Consultancies or SAP Clients (End Users). This means that we have extremely high visibility over the internal challenges of both sides of the SAP spectrum. We understand your challenges, budgets, project lifecycles and timeframes.
  5. SAP Project Lifecycle: Scoping, Design, Blueprinting, Testing, Delivery, Documentation, Support – these are just some parts of the cycle (and the essential skills) that we are expected to understand and locate. We live and breathe the SAP lifecycle every day through our clients.
  6. Global Access to SAP Skills: We are used to dealing with SAP Talent from all corners of the world, and have bi-lingual researchers placed in different locations to guide us in our quest to locate the best people for our clients.
  7. SAP Skills Matrix: With each resume that you receive from us, you will receive the Morgan Campbell SAP Skills Matrix which will be completed individually by each candidate, giving you a clear insight into the depth of their functional, technical, or project capabilities and what coverage they can provide.
  8. SAP Tendering Process: Many of our clients come to us requiring our help to tender for SAP projects. Sometimes you may not have all of the skills within your team to tender for a project or to upsell your services to an existing client. We can help you urgently respond by locating and presenting candidate profiles that will help you with your tendering submissions and ultimately to help you win business.
  9. Immigration for SAP: As SAP Recruitment Specialists, our candidates come from all corners of the world, which means that we have a great insight into Immigration issues related specifically to SAP recruitment. We have saved our clients many thousands of dollars simply by helping them navigate through the immigration process, reducing the need for using immigration agents.
  10. SAP Reference Checks: When we recruit for our clients, we like to thoroughly investigate our candidates and make sure that we get a clear insight into their suitability for our client. We spend normally somewhere between 30-60 minutes speaking with each referee, asking very detailed questions about their SAP knowledge and project experience, and other core areas including interpersonal and communication skills, their ability to up-skill, their suitability for the role and many more.

If the 10 points of difference above were not enough, working with Morgan Campbell means that you have a greater chance of achieving Faster Success. We understand that SAP skills are hard to find, but our specialisation and access to Global SAP Talent means that we have a greater chance of locating your new employees faster than a generalist recruiter.

Remember, if you give your recruitment assignment EXCLUSIVELY to Morgan Campbell, we will give your vacancy our highest priority and devote our researchers to that assignment. We will remain honest, transparent and give you regular updates during the recruitment process.

Email us now on at to discover how we can help you.