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Morgan Campbell believes in Corporate Social Responsibility. We are committed to behaving ethically and to contributing to the economic development of our local community while improving the quality of life of our team and society at large.

We are keen to promote and practice equal opportunities within our workplace. Diversity is a core facet of our business. We recruit, develop and promote on merit, and we like to operate an open, inclusive and supportive working environment. Mutual trust and respect is a key facet of the way we work internally, and of the relationships that we strive to build with our candidates and clients.

We also believe that it is our responsibility to protect our amazing environment. In 2010 we began the move towards a paperless office. Since then our consumption of office paper has reduced by 70% and we aim to reduce this further in 2016. We aim to re-use and recycle; switch off all lights and unnecessary equipment out of office hours; and communicate our environmental policy internally and externally to our suppliers.

Lastly, supporting a worthy cause has always been part of our philosophy. We actively work with and donate to the following charities: